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The excitement that comes with every new release – whether it's an album, EP, or single – is just as exhilarating as the first. We have helped record a number of popular songs and musical collections, and continue to work towards helping the music we love get the exposure we believe it deserves. To find out more about upcoming and current releases from Lee Popa @ Color Red Studio Japan, feel free to reach out.


The Shamisenists

The Shamisenists, driven by the fierce improvisation and call and response playing style of the Tsugaru shamisen, compose progressive, emotionally-driven songs from the fusion of traditional shamisen and rock music.

This album is one of the most anticipated releases in the history of our Recording Studio. That’s saying a lot considering some of our incredibly successful past recordings. So much has gone into the making and publicity surrounding this release, and we’re proud to be associated with such a wonderful project.



PUNiK is one of the newest releases courtesy of our Recording Studio, and if you liked this artist’s last work, we can guarantee you’ll love this album.
Play it LOUD


Jett Sett

Lee Popa @ Color Red Studio Japan is known for releasing singles and albums people love listening to. This is one of our latest releases which we hope will soon be shooting up the music charts. Check it out to get an idea of the talents that make Lee Popa @ Color Red Studio Japan the incredible recording studio we are.